How To Build A Website

Read each menu option to find out how to build a website for minimum cost.

It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to make a professional and reliable website!

It is very simple to get a domain name and hosting plan that can be working worldwide in less than an hour for about $85.


Site Name

There are many companies that specialize in establishing a domain name and hosting services for a website.

Registration of the domain name is a minimal expense, typically on a annual or multi-year basis. The cost is usually from $7 to $14 per year, depending on the type of site (“.com”, “.net”, “.org”, etc) that you select.

It is possible to purchase a domain from a registrar, but host the actual content on another service. The domain name will point to a server address that will provide the stored files to your site visitors.

The hosting service will have plans available that typically range from approximately $4 per month for low traffic volumes and low storage space size; higher traffic and more storage yields a higher cost.

A single domain name and your hosting plan (with moderate files storage for pages and media) and bandwidth traffic should have an average cost per year of approximately $85 to $125.

Registering multiple variations of your domain name can be redirected to a single hosting site- only one set of pages and media needs to be designed, so don’t pay for each individual site name as a separate website.

Site Software

Free Software For Websites
Free Software For Websites

This site is powered by the absolutely FREE software by the name of WordPress.

It is available through and takes approximately five minutes to set up a full working website.

There are so-called “media” businesses that charge thousands of dollars to “design” a website, when in fact, they’re simply installing this FREE software, adding some pictures, and sending out the invoice.

Don’t be taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies. Use this professional and reliable software to get the most mileage out of your budget.



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